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In the small town Basildon outside London there lived two guys called Vince Clarke and Andrew Fletcher. In 1976 they formed the band "No Romance In China". At that time Martin Gore was a guitarist in the band "Norman and the Worms". In 1979 Clarke and Gore were playing together in the guitar and synth band "French Look". Fletcher joined them and the band changed its name to "Composition of Sound". They were playing with a synthesizer, a guitar and a bass guitar.Clarke was the singer but he didn't like it, so they were looking for a another singer. In 1980 they asked Dave Gahan who they had heard singing David Bowie's song "Heroes". When he joined they changed their instruments to synthesizers only and the band's name to Depeche Mode. The name was taken from a French magazine and it means "fashion news".

Their first release was the song "Photographic" on the independent record company Some Bizzare's compilation "Some Bizzare Album" in January 1981. But it was Daniel Miller who really discovered them and they signed on with his Mute Records. They released their first single "Dreaming Of Me" in February 1981. It became only No. 57 at the selling chart in UK and the next single "New Life" didn't become a hit either, but their third single "Just Can't Get Enough" was a Top 10 hit. Then they released their debut album "Speak & Spell", an album with happy and quite naive synthpop.Vince Clarke wrote all of their songs, except for two songs written by Martin Gore. So it came as a shock to the fans when he decided to leave Depeche Mode soon after the album. He didn't like to tour and he didn't feel comfortable in the band anymore. The shock wasn't that big for the three remaining members though.

Martin Gore took charge of the song-writing and they advertised for a new member. The three released the single "See You" in January 1982.Vince Clarke soon formed the duo Yazoo with the singer Alison Moyet. Since 1985 he has been playing in the duo Erasure with the singer Andy Bell.Depeche Mode's advertisement for a new member read something like: "Synthesizer player wanted, maximum age 21 years". Alan Wilder was 22 years when he read that, but he answered anyway, because he really wanted a job, even if he would have to lie to get it. He was playing with the band on their "See You"-tour, for example in USA, but he still wasn't a real member of the band. He wasn't allowed to be in the studio when they recorded their second album "A Broken Frame". The music was now not so happy as when Vince Clarke was the song-writer, it was more melancholic and dark. When the single "Get The Balance Right" was released in 1983 Alan Wilder was playing with the band in the studio and he was now regarded as a member of the band. He wrote two songs on their third album "Construction Time Again" and one song on their fourth album "Some Great Reward".

They had international hits with "Everything Counts", "People Are People" and "Master And Servant". In 1985 they released a collection album with all of their singles. In 1986 they released "Black Celebration", which was very dark and melancholic. They went on with that style on "Music For The Masses" in 1987. Soon after that album they began using guitars again. They were now very big also in USA, where they had huge concerts. One of the concerts were recorded and released as the live-album "101" in 1989. Later the same year they released the single "Personal Jesus", where the guitars dominated. In 1990 they released the album "Violator", which also included one of their biggest hits ever called "Enjoy The Silence".On "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" in 1993 the band was influenced by a lot of different music genres, for example gospel. The album went high on the selling charts, but some of the older fans were quite disappointed. Later the same year they released the album "Songs Of Faith And Devotion Live".Beside Depeche Mode Martin Gore released a solo record called "Counterfeit EP" in 1989, and Alan Wilder has released a few albums under the name Recoil.

In June 1995 Alan Wilder decided to leave Depeche Mode. He said: "Due to increasing dissatisfaction with the internal relations and working practices of the group, it is with some sadness that I have decided to part company from Depeche Mode."In 1997 the three remaining members of Depeche Mode released the album "Ultra". From that album they released the singles "Barrel Of A Gun", "It's No Good", "Home" and "Useless".In 1998 Depeche Mode released a new single "Only When I Lose Myself", a new collection album "The Singles 86-98" and had a huge tour.

In May 2001 the album "Exciter" was released. From that album they released the singles "Dream On", "I Feel Loved", "Freelove" and "Goodnight Lovers".They played in Stockholm on September 21 and in Copenhagen on September 23.In April 2003 Martin Gore released his second solo album called "Counterfeit 2" and in June 2003 Dave Gahan released his first solo album called "Paper Monsters".In October 2004 Depeche Mode released the album "Remixes 81-04" and the single "Enjoy The Silence 04".

A new album called "Playing The Angel", which was released last October 17,2005.

Ito Download mo:

01. Everything Counts [Live] - Depeche Mode, mula sa album na "Milano"
02. Nodisco - Depeche Mode, mula sa una nilang sumikat na album "Speak & Spell"
03. Personal Jesus [Pump Mix] - Depeche Mode, mula sa album na "Remixes 1981-2004"
04. The Sinner In Me - Depeche Mode, mula sa 2005 album nila na "Playing The Angel"


Started in 1976 as the Easy Cure by school mates Robert Smith (guitar, vocals), Laurence Tolhurst (drums), and Michael Dempsey (bass). The band signed a record deal in June 1977 with Hansa Records, Germany's largest independent record label, after the band answered an ad in a magazine for new talent.

Unfortunately, this relationship became mutually unsatisfactory and was dissolved in March 1978 before a record could be released. Around this time they dropped the "Easy" and became just The Cure. Early in 1978, Chris Parry an A&R representative at Polydor Records, left Polydor to form his own record label, Fiction, and The Cure were the first band he signed to the label in September 1978. "Killing an Arab" the band's first single, was released in December 1978, and the Cure set out on their first tour of England.

The Cure's debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, was released in May 1979 to good reviews in the British music press. Robert Smith's romanticism with the morose has led the The Cure to be labeled "godfathers of Goth", "masters of melancholy", and "kings of doom and gloom". They became identified for their slow gloomy songs and Robert's Goth like make-up and hair style. None of these labels are quite accurate and no other band has their unique sound. Their sparse early releases like Pornography and Faith contrasts their later releases like Disintegration in 1989. A wonderfully dark and beautiful album, marked by Robert Smith's fluid imagery and the band's relentlessly stunning sound, it proved to be the band's biggest creative success to date.

Through the years The Cure have had seven top 20 hits and five top 10 Albums both in England and in the U.S. They have sold more than 27 million albums worldwide. But being popular and recording hits is not what The Cure are all about. The Cure have never put being a popular band ahead of being independent and making the kind of music they want (as many Recording Industry executives can attest to). To really know The Cure one must listen to more than just their popular hits. Instead, listen to a complete album full of it's imagery and lush moody sound.

[ROBERT JAMES SMITH - April1 21 1959]

Ito download mo.. "Inbetween Days" Live At Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Ito ang halo-halo ko na koleksiyon ng mga OPMs...mula sa bandang Asin, Juan Dela Cruz Band, Banyuhay Ni Heber, VST & Company... hanggang sa mga makabagong awiting alternatibong Pilipino.

Ito naman ang mga bago sa aking koleksiyon... wala lang trip ko lang![marami ang wala..nahiram na naman!]

Ilan na lamang ito sa mga cassette tapes na oldskul na banda na aking naitabi sa tagal ng panahon... sayang nga lamang at ang iba ay napabayaan ko..nasira! yung iba pa man din sa mga iyon ay mga live recordings [sadmode] pero kahit paano ang iba ay nailipat ko sa CDs... whew!

Ito lang ang natitira [sadmode] sa mga vinyls na naipon ko...

Ito ang CD shelves ko...

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Narito na ang listahan na sinasabi ko... nakakapagod din pala ang mag type!
Marami pa akong wala sa listahan na ito... hindi ko na kasi alam saan ko nailagay ang iba...pero ang alam ko nasa ilalim lang ng kama mga yun...o kaya nahiram na naman! [naibalik na ba?]

Ipagpaumanhin nyo kung may mali sa mga letra, ang dami kasi... masakit na mga mata ko.

Sa susunod na pag bisita ko maglalagay na ako ng mga MP3 at mga larawan.



* 14 Iced Bears
In the Beginning
Let The Breeze Open Our Hearts

* 1000 Violins Like 1000 Violins

* 10,000 maniacs
Mtv unplugged
* 69 eyes, the
The best of ( 2cd )
* ’63 Monroe, the
The best of
* A flock of seagulls
The best of
* Abc
Absolutely ABC : the best & remixes
* Acid House Kings
Acid House Kings
Mondays Are Like Tuesdays And
Sing along with Acid House Kings
* Adam Ant
Greatest Hits
* Adventures, The
Trading Secrets With The Moon
* A – ha
Headlines And Deadlines : The Hits Of A – Ha
Hunting High And Low
* Airhead
* Aislers Set, The
The Aislers Set
* Alarm, The
The Raw
* Alison Moyet
The Singles [ Germany ]
* All About Eve
All About Eve
Scarlet & Other Voices
Touched By Jesus
* Alphaville
The Best Of
* Altered Images
Demo [1980]
* Anna Vincent
Bored Boys & Girls
* Anything Box
The Singles
* Aquabats, The
Freedom Sounds
* Archive Activist, The
* Associates, The
Popera : The Singles Collections
* Auteurs
The Best Of
Lenny Valentino [ Singles ]
* Aztec Camera
The Best Of
* B – 52s, The
The Best Collection
Cosmic Thing
* Bananarama
Please Yourself
Pop Life
The Best & Remixes
* Bangles
Greatest Hits
* Basia
Basia On Broadway [ Live ]
* Bauhaus
The Best Of : Volume 1 & 2 ( 2 cd )
The Sky’s Gone Out ( 1985 )
The Best Of [2 cd] [1986 ]
Burning From The Inside [ 1988 ]
Press The Eject & Give Me The Tape [ 1988 ]
Cracle [ 1998 ]
In The Flat Field [ 1999 ]
Mask [ 1999 ]
Swing The Heartache : The BBC Sessions [ 2003 ]
Rest In Peace – Live [ 2 cd ]
* Beastie Boys, The
Aglio e’ Olio
Check Your Head [1992]
Hello Nasty [1998]
I’ll Communication [1994]
Licensed To Ill [1986]
Anthology vol 1 & 2 [2cd]
Paul’s Boutique [1989]
Some Old Bullshit [1994]
The In Sound From Way Out [1996]
* Beautiful South, The
Welcome To The Beautiful South [ 1989 ]
Choke [ 1990 ]
0898 [ 1992 ]
Miaow [ 1994 ]
Blue Is The Color [ 1996 ]
Quench [ 1998 ]
Painting It Red [ 2000 ]
Solid Bronze : Greatest hits [ 2001]
Gaze [ 2003 ]
Carry Up The Charts : The Best Of [ 2 cds ]
Golddiggas Headnodders & Pholk Songs
* Bed, The
The Singles
* Belle & Sebastian
Dear Catastrophe Waitress
If You’re Feeling Sinister
Push Barman To Open Up Old Wounds
3..6..9 Seconds Of Light
Dog On Wheels
Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk Like A Peasant
Lazy Line Painter Jane [ Singles: SP edition ]
Story Telling
The Boy with The Arab Strap
Tiger Milk
* Beloved, The
Single File
Sweet Harmony
You’ve Got Me Thinking
* Besties, The

* Bible, The

* Big Audio Dynamite
This Is Big Audio Dynamite : Remixes
* Big Country
Through A Big Country ; Greatest hits
Acoustics [Single]
* Billy Idol
Idol Songs: 11 Of The Best
Billy Idol - Live!

* Black
Wonderful Life
* Blancmange
Second Helpings : The Best Of Blancmange
* Blondie
The Best Of Blondie
* Blue Nile, The
A Walk Across The Rooftops
* Blur
The Great Escape
On Your Own [UK Single # 1]
For Tomorrow [Single Set]
* B - Movie
Greatest Hits & Remixes
Remembrance Days [ Special edition ]
BBC : The Peel Session
* Bodines, The
The Bodines
* Bolshoi
The Best Of Bolshoi
* Boo Radleys, The
C’mon Kids
Wake Up!
* Bronski Beat & Communards
The Singles [ pirated ]
* Brian Ferry
The Ultimate Collection : Roxy Music
More Than This : The Best Of Roxy Music
* Bubblegum Splash, The
Bubblegum Splash
* Buzzcocks, The
Singles Going Steady
* C86 Tape, The [Rare Recordings]
* Cabaret Voltaire
Three Mantras – 1980
EP – 1981
Red Mecca – 1981
The Voice Of America – 1981
Live At The Hacienda – 1983
Live At The Hacienda – 1986
Johnny YesNo – 1983
The Covenant,The Sword & The Arm Of The Lord – 1985
Micro-Phonies – 1986
Nag Nag Nag - 1990
* Camouflage
The Best & Remixes [ Israel ] 2 cds
Rewind: The Best Of 1987 - 1995
* Care, The
Diamond & Emeralds
* Cars, The
Greatest Hits [2 cd]
* Carter
30 Something
1992 The Love Album
* Celebrate The Nun
Meanwhile [1988]
* Chameleons, The
The Fan & The Below
Strange Times
What Does Anything Mean – Basically
The Best Of The Chameleons 1983 – 2000
* Charlatans UK, The
Between 10th & 11th
Some Friendly
* Cheap Trick
The Collection
The Very Best Of
* China Crisis
The Very Best Of China Crisis [ 2 cd]
* Chris Summerhayes, The
* Church, The
History : The Best Of The Church
* Clan Of Xymox
Greatest Hits & Remixes
* Clash, The
Story Of The Clash : Volume 1 & 2 [ 2 cd ]
* Classix Nouveaux
The Very Best Of Classix Nouveau

* Close Lobsters, The
The Close Lobsters
* Cocteau Twins
Garlands : The Peel Sessions
* Colourfield, The
* Connections, The
* Cracker, The
The Golden Age : The Best Of
* Cross Wired
The Independent Story
* Crowded House
Recurring Dream : The Very Best Of
Together Alone
* Cruxshadows
The Mystery Of The Whisphers
Night Crawls In
* Cult, The
The Very Best Of The Cult
Pure Cult : for rockers, wavers & sinners
Live & Remixes
The Best Of Rare Cult The Cult - Dreamtime Live at the Lyceum [May 13, 1984]

* Culture Club
The First Four Years
The Best Of Boy Geaorge & The Culture Club
* Cure, The
Boys Don’t Cry [1979]
Three Imaginary boys [1979]
Seventeen seconds [1980]
Faith [1981]
Pornography [1982]
Japaneese Whispers [1984]
The Top [1984]
The Head On The Door [1985]
Standing On A Beach [1986]
Galore : The Singles [1987]
Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me [1987]
Disintegration [1989]
Mixed Up [1990]
Wish [1992]
Paris [1993]
Wild Mood Swings [1996]
Bloodflowers [2000]
Greatest Hits [2001]
Show [2004]
Concerts [ Israel]
Entreat – Live! [Israel]
Staring At The Sea – The Singles
A Letter To Elise
The Very Best Of The Cure – 2 cd
B – Sides [ Special Edition ]
MTV Unplugged [London Limehouse TV Studio, London [1992]
* Cutting Crew
Greatest Hits
* Dammed, The
The Best Of The Dammed
Strawberries (1982)
* Danse Society, The
The Best & Remixes
Heaven Is Waiting
* Danse Wave
Volume 1 to 5 [5 CDs]
* David Vesel
My Very Best…
* DB’s, The
Demo & Live Recordings
The Very Best Of
Stands for Decibels/Repercussion
* Deacon Blue
Our Town : Greatest Hits
* Dead As Romance
Dark Forces : The Best Of [ Israel ]
* Dead Or Alive
* Department S
Sub – Stance
* Depeche Mode
The Remixes 1981 – 2004 [ 2 cd ]
The Singles 1981 – 1985
The Singles 1986 – 1998
101 live [ 2 cd ]
Deep dance tracks – The Remix [ Israel ]
Speak & Spell 2001 One Night In Paris Live
* Devo
Q:Are We Not Men A:We Are Devo
* Divine Comedy, The
* Distention, The
My Own World
* Dexy’s Midnight runners
The Very Best Of
* Drown, The
The Drown
* Drowning Season, The
* Duran Duran
Greatest hits
Live & Remixes
Decade: Greatest Hits
The Wedding
Seven And The Ragged Tiger
Thank You
The Very Best Of
* Durutti Column, The
We Are Live at Venue, London
The Return Of
Another setting
Circuses & Bread
* Easter & The Totem
The Truth About South London
* Echo & The Bunnymen, The
Bally : The Best Of
Songs To Learn & Sing
Candleland ( Ian McCulloch )
Live : Manchester Ritz 2002
Slideling [2003]
The 6th BBC Session [The Complete Peel Session]
* Ecstatic Mode
Ecstatic Mode
* Elastica
The Best Of
* Electronic
FACD 290
Raise The Presure
Twisted & Tenderness
* Elvis Costello
The Best Of [ 2cd ]
Stop the machine
Pop! – The First 20 Hits
The Circus
The Innocents
* Eurythmics
Greatest Hits & Remixes
* Everything But The Girl
Love Not Money
Baby The Stars Shine Bright
The Acoustic Collection
Amplified Heart
The Best Of EBTG
Walking Wounded
Like The desert Miss The Rain
The Only Living Boy In New York
* Expressions, The
The Expressions
* Extraordinary, The
Greatest Hits
* Faint, The
We Are The Faint
* Falco
The Remix Hit Collection
* Family Cat, The
Tell Them We’re Surfin’
Furthest From The Sun
The Family Cat
* Farm, The
Love See No Colour [ Singles & Remixes ]
Love See No Colour
* Felt, The
Forever Breathes The Lonely Word
The Strange Idols Pattern & Other Short Stories
* Fields Of The Nephilim
Gods Of Goth : The Best of
The Fine Young Cannibals
The Raw & The Cooked
* Fire Engines, The
Buddhist Monk On Fire Stickers
* Fixx, The
The Best Of
* Flatmates, The
The Singles – 1986 - 1989
* Flesh For Lulu
Plastic Fantastic
* Fonda
Music For Beginners [Demo]
* Fontain, The
* Fra Lippo Lippi
The Best Of Fra lippo Lippi
Reload! Frankie The Whole 12 Inches
Greatest Hits & Remixes [ Israel ]
* Franz Ferdinand
The Best Of Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand [2004]
You Could Have It So Much Better
* Frente
Marvin The Album
* Fun Boy Three
The Best Of Fun Boy Three
* Gang Of Four
A brief History Of The 20th Century 2 cd
The Best Of Gang Of Four
Solid Gold : Another Day, Another Dollar
Songs Of The Free
* Gary Numan
* Gazebo
The Very Best Of Gazebo
* Gene Loves Jezebel
Voodoo Dollies
The Best, Live & Remixes
Heavenly Bodies
* Gene Loves Jezebel
Voodoo Dollies
The Best, Live & Remixes
Heavenly Bodies
* General Public
The Best of
Rub It Better * Glove, The
Blue Sunshine [ 1983 ]
* Go – Betweens, The
Bellavista Terrace : The Best Of The Go – Betweens [ 2cd ]
Liberty Belle & The Black Diamond Express
Oceans Apart
16 Lovers Lane

*GoGo's GreatestHits
* Godsquad, The
* H2O
H20 [ single ]
* Haircut 100
The Best Of Haircut 100
* Happy Mondays
Greatest Hits
Sunshine & Love
Yes Please!
Pills & Thrills & Bellyaches
* Hazel O’Connor
Breaking Glass
* Heaven 17
Bigger Than America
The Best Of Heaven 17
The Best Of : Higher & Higher
Razorblade Romance [ 2cd ]
And Love Said No
Greatest Love Songs Vol. 666
Deep Shadows & Brilliant Lights
Love Metal
HIM : Acoustic
HIM : Live @ Rock IM Park 2001
HIM : Ultra Rare Trax
HIM ; Bonus Tracks
The Singles 2 cd
* Hole, The
Live Through This
* House Of Love, The
Days Run Away
The Best Of House Of Love
The House Of Love
Audience With The Mind
* House Martins, The
Now That’s What I Call Quite Good!
* Howard Jones
The Best Of howard Jones
* Human League, The
The Best Of
* Icicle Works, The
The Best Of The Icicle Works [ Volume 1 & 2 ]
* iClash, The
* Iggy Pop
Nude & Rude : The Best Of Iggy Pop
* Ikon
This Quiet Earth
Flowers For The Gathering
In The Shadow Of The Angel
A Moment In Time
* Image Fatal
Image Fatal : Remixes
* Information Society
Peace & Love , Inc.
* Inspiral Carpets
The Beast Inside
The Singles
How It Should Be
Revenge Of The Goldfish
Bitches Brew Shoked!
Cool As Ice [3 box cd’s]
Greatest Hits
Live Baby Live
Kick [1987]
X [1990]
Welcome To Wherever You Are [1992]
Full Moon, Dirty Hearts [1993]
* Jam, The
All Mod Cons
The Best Of The Jam [ 2cd ]
* James
Gold Mother
Sometimes [ Singles ]
* Japan
Oil In Canvas [ Live ]
* Jason Donovan
Greatest Hits
All Around The World
* Jesus & Mary Chain, The
Barbed Wire Kisses
Honey’s Dead
21 Singles
The Sound Of speed
BBC – The Complete Peel Sessions
* Jesus Jones
* Jimmy Sommerville
Dare To Love
The Singles Collection 1984 – 1990
* Johnny Hates Jazz
Greatest Hits
* John Peel Session, The
The Penetration – July 10,1978
The Mo-dettes – Feb.14,1980
The Servants – march 24,1986
14 Iced Bears – Nov.11,1986
The Talilah Gosh – Jan. 11,1988
The Wedding Present – August 29,1989
* Joy Division
An Ideal For Living [ Rare Demo ] 1978
The BBC – Peel Sessions 1979
Transmission [ Rare demo ] 1979
Unkown Pleasures 1979
Atmosphere [ Demo ] 1980
Closer 1980
Still 1981
Permanent 1995
The Very Best Of Joy Division 2 cd
Rarities – Live & Peel Sessions - Rare 2 cd
LiVe @ Lyceum Ballroom, London
Live @ The factory, Hulme
Live @ Winter Gardens, Bournemouth
Means To An End : Tribute To The Music Of Joy Division 2 cd
Joy Division In Amsterdam – Live! [1980]
Floored Genius : The Best Of [ Volume 1 & 2 ] 2 cd
Fear Loves This Place [ Singles ]
Citizen Cain’d
Peggy Suicide
Fear Loves This Place [Singles]
Beautiful Love [The Remix – Singles]
Peggy Suicide [Singles – remixes]
* Kev & The rainpals
Velocity : The Best Of [ Rare, Israel ]
* Killing Joke
Advance 2003
The death Of Cool
Strange free World
Cowboys & Aliens
* Kon Kan
Move To Move 1989
Remixes 2000 [ Israel ]
* Kooper Kain
Undead Allien
* Kraftwerk
Full Hours Of Remixes : By DJ Xed [ Israel ]
Trans Europe
The Model : The Best Of Kraftwerk [ Germany ]
Live In Japan
* Kristin Hersh
Live @ Maxwell’s, Hoboken
* La’s, The
The La’s
* Lemonheads, The
Car Button Cloth
Super Single
It’s A Shame About Ray [ Singles ]
* Level 42
The Remixes
* Levellers
* Lightning Seeds, The
Dizzy heights
* Lloyd Cole & The Locomotions
The Best Of 1984 – 1989
* Lords Of The New Church
Lords Of The New Church [1982]
* Lotus eaters
First Picture Of You
No Sense Of Sin
* Love & Rockets
Love & Rockets - Sorted! The Best Of
* Lush
* Madness
Madstock [ Live ]
The Complete Madness [ Israel ]
Divine Madness
* Marc Almond & The Soft Cell
Greatest Hits : Soft Cell
Twelve Years Of Tears
Fantastic Star
* March Violets
The March Violets
Some Kind Of Wonderful
Narural History
* Marillion, The
Six Of One, half-Dozen Of The Other : The Best of
* Meat Puppets
No Joke -
Meat Puppets II
Forbidden Places
Out My Way
Up On The Sun
Too High To Die
* Men At Work
Contraband The Best Of Men At Work
The Best Of Men At Work
* Men Without Hats
The Very Best Of Men Without hats
* Microdisney, The
The Microdisney – Live!
* Midge Ure
* Midnight Oil
Diesel & Dust
Rogue Dingo [ Live, Australia ]
* Mighty Lemondrops, The
World Without End
Live at Newcastle University, Nov.11,1986
* Mighty, Mighty Bosstones, The
Devils Night Out
More Noise & Other Disturbances
Don’t Know How To Party
Questions & Answers
Pay Attention
A Jackknife To A Swan
* Mike Francis
The Best Of
* Mission, The
The First Chapter
The Mission
Best Of The Mission
* Mock Turtles, The
Two Side
* Modern English
Life In The Gladhouse : 1980 – 1984 The Best Of
Pillow Lips
Everything Is Mad
Greatest hits [ Israel ]
After The Snow
* Modern Talking
The Modern Talking Story
* Moose
…X Y Z
* My Funny Valentine
* Naïve
* Nancyboy
* New Model army
History : The singles 1985 – 1991 [ Israel ]
* New Order
Movement [1981]
Power, Corruption & Lies [1983]
Low Life [1985]
Brotherhood [1985]
Substance 1987 [ 2 cd ]
Technique [1989]
Republic [1993]
The Best of New Order [1994]
Low Life [1985]
The Rest Of [1995]
Get Ready [2001]
Waiting For The Sirens Call [2005]
Ruined In A Day [Singles]
Spooky [Singles]
World [Singles]
BBC: John Peel Session
* Nick Kershaw
The Collection
* Nine Inch Nails
The Downward Spiral [Deluxe Remastered Edition - 2CD]
* Nits, The
Adieu Sweet Bahnhof
Giant Normal Dwarf
Hjuvi - A Rhapsody in Time
In The Dutch Mountains
New Flat
The Nits
* Ocean Blue, The
The Ocean Blue
There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [ Single ]
* Ocean Colour Scene
The Best Of
Moseley Shoals
* Oingo Boingo
The Best Of Oingo Boingo
The Very Best Of OMD [ UK ]
Sugar Tax
Stand Above Me [ Singles ]
* Orange Juice & Edwyn Collins
The Very Best Of Orange Juice [ Japan ]
Gorgeous George
* Other Two, The
The Other Two & You
* Oysterband, The
From Little Rock To Leipzig [ Israel ]
* Pale Fountains, The
From Accross The Kitchen Table
* Paul Weller
Stanley Road
Wild Wood
* Paul Young
The Secret Of Association
* Pavement, The
Terror Twilight
Westing By Musket & Sextant [Early Recordings]
Slanted & Enchanted
Watery Domestic
Crooked Rain, Crooked rain
Wowee Zowee
Brighten The Corners
Stuff Up The Cracks
Stephen Malkmus
Pig Lib
* Pet Shop Boys, The
Alternative : Volume 1 & 2 [ 2 Cd ]
Discography : The Complete Singles Collections
* Peter Murphy
Greatest hits
* Pixies, The
Trompe Le Monde
* Pogues, The
Hell’s Ditch
If I Should Fall From Grace With God Peace & Love [ 2 cd ]
The Rest & The Best
* Pom Pom Diary, The
* Pop Will Eat Itself ( PWEI )
Familus Horribulus R.S.V.P. [ Single ]
* Pretenders, The
The Singles
* Prids, The
* Primitives, The
BBC – John Peel Session 1988
Lazy : The Singles Collection 1986 – 1988
Lovely 1988
The Best Of
* Primal Scream
* Propaganda
A Secret Wish [ UK ]
* Pseudo Echo
Best Adventure : Pseudo Echo
* Psychedelic Furs
The Psychedelic Furs 1980
Mirror Moves 1984
All Of This And Nothing 1988
The World Outside 1991
Greatest Hits 2001
The Collection
Midnight To Midnight1987
Should God Forget : A Retrospective [ Volume 1 & 2 ] 2 cd
* Pulp
Pulp Hits
* Primitives, The
Lovely [1988]
The Best Of [1996]
Lazy : The Singles Collection 1986 - 1988
The Best Of REM
In Time : The Very Best Of REM [ Volume 1 & 2 ] 2 cd
Reckoning [ Import: Bonus Tracks ]
The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite
Automatic For The People
* Rachael’s Surrender
Rachael’s Surrender
* Railway Children, The
Listen On : The Best Of
* Ramones, The
Acid Eaters
Adios Amigos
Brain Drain
End Of The Century
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Hey Ho! It Was 20 Years Ago
It’s Alive
Leave Home
Live In Amsterdam
Ramones : Mania
MOndo Bizarro
The Ramones
Road To Run
Rocket To Russia
SuTerrean Jungle
Too Tough To Die
Ramones : Unreleased Tracks [ Rare ]
You Don’t Come Close
* Real Life
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* Red Lorry Yellow Lorry
Talk About The weather : Paint Your Wagon [ 2 cd ]
* Revillos, The
* Right Said Fred
* Robyn Hitchcock
The Last Time
* Room, The
Request Round Up 6
* Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone
* Runrig
The Big Wheel
* Rush
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So Tough
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Cupid & Psyche
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The Great Rock & Roll Swindle
Kiss This
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Tell Us The Truth
The First, The Best & The Last
The Game
The Punk Singles Collection – Volume 1 & 2 [ 2cd ]
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Sacred City
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The Best Of Sisters Of Mercy
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Morrissey Live : Fuengirola, Spain 2004
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You Are The Quarry
You Are The Quarry : B-Side
Your Arsenal
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There Is A Light That Never Goes Out [ Singles ]
Haltful Of Hollow 1984
The Smiths 1984
Meat Is Murder 1985
The Queen Is Dead 1986
Rank – Live! 1986
Louder Than Bombs 1987
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The World Won’t Listen 1997
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Final Straw
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The Best Of
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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

kumusta? tawagin mo na lang akong Snoog... mahilig ako sa musika..partikular na ang mga musika na nagmula sa henerasyon ng dekada ochenta..isama ko na din ang unang bungad ng dekada nubenta..pero ang talagang hilig ko ay ang new wave music.

Sino ang hindi makakalimot sa mga kasayahan noon? halos lahat yata ng new wave party at mga konsiyerto ng mga panahon na iyon ay nandoon ako..mula sa "Shadow Cabinet".."Danse Of Devotion".."Requiem" at marami pang iba.

Sa tagal ng panahon at sa pagkahilig ko sa istilo ng naturang musika, marami akong naipon na koleksiyon mula sa mga cassette tapes, plaka at ngayon ay mga modernong CDs at DVDs.

Alam nyo ba? minsan pag pinagmamasdan ko lahat ang mga ito..natatawa at minsan ay nalulungkot isipin... parang kailan lang kasi..napakabilis ng panahon..sarap ba ibalik ang nakaraan.

Buti na lamang dahil sa pagmamahal ko sa uri ng musikang ito... sa tulong ng aking mga kapatid at kaibigan at ang paglabasan ng mga makabagong teknolohiya ay muli akong nabuhayan..

Sa susunod na pagbisita ko ay ilalagay ko ang aking listahan.. siguro new wave muna at tsaka na ang ibang artist ng dekada otchenta at nubenta.. at ang panghuli ay ang mga OPM ko na laking pasasalamat at naitabi ko pa..

Dito lamang muna at hanggang sa muli..