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Started in 1976 as the Easy Cure by school mates Robert Smith (guitar, vocals), Laurence Tolhurst (drums), and Michael Dempsey (bass). The band signed a record deal in June 1977 with Hansa Records, Germany's largest independent record label, after the band answered an ad in a magazine for new talent.

Unfortunately, this relationship became mutually unsatisfactory and was dissolved in March 1978 before a record could be released. Around this time they dropped the "Easy" and became just The Cure. Early in 1978, Chris Parry an A&R representative at Polydor Records, left Polydor to form his own record label, Fiction, and The Cure were the first band he signed to the label in September 1978. "Killing an Arab" the band's first single, was released in December 1978, and the Cure set out on their first tour of England.

The Cure's debut album, Three Imaginary Boys, was released in May 1979 to good reviews in the British music press. Robert Smith's romanticism with the morose has led the The Cure to be labeled "godfathers of Goth", "masters of melancholy", and "kings of doom and gloom". They became identified for their slow gloomy songs and Robert's Goth like make-up and hair style. None of these labels are quite accurate and no other band has their unique sound. Their sparse early releases like Pornography and Faith contrasts their later releases like Disintegration in 1989. A wonderfully dark and beautiful album, marked by Robert Smith's fluid imagery and the band's relentlessly stunning sound, it proved to be the band's biggest creative success to date.

Through the years The Cure have had seven top 20 hits and five top 10 Albums both in England and in the U.S. They have sold more than 27 million albums worldwide. But being popular and recording hits is not what The Cure are all about. The Cure have never put being a popular band ahead of being independent and making the kind of music they want (as many Recording Industry executives can attest to). To really know The Cure one must listen to more than just their popular hits. Instead, listen to a complete album full of it's imagery and lush moody sound.

[ROBERT JAMES SMITH - April1 21 1959]

Ito download mo.. "Inbetween Days" Live At Gurten Festival, Bern, Switzerland

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